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About Me

My journey into the realm of sexuality consulting, with a focus on BDSM and erotic orientation, represents the fusion of an extensive career in management consulting and a deep-seated desire to channel my accumulated skills and insights toward the personal and intimate growth of others, rather than the profit-driven objectives of commercial entities.

My ambition is to intertwine my personal interests with significant life domains, offering support and encouragement to those who seek to tread a similar path.

Currently, I am in the process of obtaining a Master of Science degree in Psychological Counselling, further bolstering my qualifications in this field.

Why I Chose to Become a BDSM Coach

My professional background is rich and varied, encompassing years of leadership as a managing director in diverse companies, roles as a trainer and examiner across various vocational disciplines, and a longstanding tenure as a management consultant.

On a personal front, my life has been intimately entwined with the practice of BDSM for over three decades. This journey has allowed me to witness and partake in a wide spectrum of experiences. I have navigated through phases of rejection and condemnation, and my experiences span the gamut from profoundly enriching to challenging.

Fifteen years ago, I made a pivotal decision to specialize in BDSM coaching. Since then, I have been diligently accumulating and refining my expertise in this area. Today, I am privileged to offer guidance to a global clientele, merging my innate abilities as an educator and trainer with my profound understanding and personal affinity for BDSM in my professional life.

I pride myself on providing a discreet and professional setting for open communication.

As an impartial confidant, I invite you to share your thoughts without the fear of judgement or exposure. My goal is to ensure a space where you feel at ease and secure, both with me and within yourself. Here, you are free to articulate any thoughts, extending beyond the realm of BDSM. For instance, discussing dreams can alleviate their troubling nature, a principle similarly applicable to sexual desires and fantasies.

Professionally and confidentially, I am equipped to assist you in integrating your sexuality into your everyday life.


Whether your aim is to deepen self-understanding, explore new dimensions with your partner, or simply converse about your personal desires and aspirations: my expertise lies in BDSM, applicable across all facets of life.

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