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For beginners

  • Are you intrigued by BDSM but unsure if it aligns with your personal interests or lifestyle?

  • Have you stumbled upon fantasies or newfound inclinations within yourself that seem unfamiliar, and are you contemplating how to navigate these revelations?

  • Perhaps you've taken initial steps into the world of BDSM, only to find yourself intimidated or overwhelmed by the community or its dynamics?

  • Are you struggling to sift through the overwhelming plethora of information and diverse opinions surrounding BDSM?

  • Have your attempts to discuss your BDSM interests with friends or family been met with disapproval or misunderstanding, leaving you feeling isolated or conflicted?

  • Does the notion of identifying as a person with kink interests cause you discomfort or uncertainty, making you question whether it's a path worth exploring further?

  • Have you encountered definitions or labels like 'That’s BDSM' that don't resonate with you, leading to confusion about your next steps?

  • Are you seeking clear, straightforward answers to your questions about BDSM and its various techniques amidst a sea of conflicting information?

  • Do you suspect that you might lean towards a submissive or dominant role within BDSM, yet find yourself at a loss as to how to proceed with these inclinations?

In my role, I provide guidance to help organize and clarify your thoughts, desires, fantasies, and understanding of techniques. This process is aimed at aiding you in discovering and cultivating your unique journey within BDSM, or alternatively, in recognizing BDSM as a facet of your fantasy life that may not require real-world exploration.

My approach is centred on offering a safe, non-judgemental space for exploration and understanding, ensuring that your path, whether it leads you deeper into BDSM or to an understanding of it as a personal fantasy, is navigated with clarity and confidence

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