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Am I perverse because BDSM appeals to me? 
No! Perverse is a very negative term. You may be different from the majority, but there's nothing negative about that. We are happy to discuss how unusual your inclinations are and whether you can or should live them out.

How can it be that I enjoy pain? 
Through what we feel pleasure is diverse and you are not alone with this inclination. We can filter out in conversations whether this tendency harms you or is a good thing. 

How can it be that I am a self-confident and strong person professionally and privately, but want to submit sexually? 
Many people need a balance between different aspects of their life to create harmony. I am happy to work with you to develop your individual solution for a good balance.

I don't know who to talk to about my inclinations. Can you help me? 
Talking about sexuality can be difficult and the topic of BDSM is a big hurdle for many. I can be your interlocutor with whom you can really discuss everything.  I can be like the best friend where there don't have to be any secrets.

I have the fantasy of being subjected permanently and exclusively as a slave. Can you really live it? 
There are people who have a so-called 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) relationship. Whether this is really something for you, you may be able to live it out in phases or it is a pure fantasy, we can find out together and find an individual way for you.

Is BDSM consulting also suitable for LGBTQ+ people? 
Yes. I have a deep understanding of LGBTQ+ people and also offer suitable and appreciative advice here.

Should I tell friends and family that I like BDSM? 
You can't answer that with yes or no. It is very individual with whom you share your sexual inclinations. BDSM is even a little more difficult. I will be happy to help you analyse with which people you can do this and with which you may not.

I like to be restrained. Am I already a kink person? 
The techniques and inclinations within BDSM are very diverse. Shackles can certainly be part of it. But I don't think in drawers and whether you belong "to it" or not you decide in the end yourself. Whether there are even more inclinations that may belong to it, we can find out together.

I am very experienced in BDSM. What else does the consultation bring me? 
We never stop learning. I can be a conversation partner with whom you can go deep into the BDSM matter. From philosophy to practical communication, I can be a friend to you where you don't have to hold back.
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