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Germany 2019: M.

I have appreciate Ian as a very sensitive, open and very direct advisor. I could come to him not only with my BDSM questions, but with all my questions about life. He is a competent counsellor in many situations and has given me a lot of self-confidence in the field of BDSM. I am now living a very satisfied life in which BDSM is perfectly integrated. I still turn to Ian every now and then when life is difficult again.

UK 2018: J.

"I met Ian on line by chance while searching BDSM. He replied promptly, we had a chat via skype and then met in person, when we spent an hour talking. Since then we have met regularly on skype. I have met him at a time when I am going through great changes in my life and I felt vulnerable and alone, as I had never done before. Ian is proving to be a guide and companion through these difficult times and I feel he is helping me along a journey to discover myself. He has been willing to discuss wide ranging aspects of my problems and be more proactively involved than a conventional counsellor might be, which has suited me. However, he is not pressurising. He is very relaxed and willing to discuss the most personal things without my feeling inhibited. I would recommend Ian as a coach through any sexual, sexual- orientation, relationship or emotional issues as well as BDSM. He is straightforward and business-like in arranging appointments, agreeing a fee charge, invoicing etc."

UK 2018: C.

"I was a newbie, scared of exploring my sub side. Ian helped me with tons of advise to walk in the scene safely. He taught me how to avoid abusive and toxic doms. I am living in a great bdsm relationship now and can't wait to explore further. Thank you, Ian, for guiding me along the way!"

Germany 2018: P.

"We startet with BDSM Coaching and I learned so much about myself and my wishes and dreams. No I am feeling confident with myself and my lifestyle. Thank you, Ian."


US 2018: W.

"I really appreciate your help. It was so nice to meet you. To learn so many new ideas and getting more confident is great. My sub really loves it. Thanks"

Switzerland 2018: D.

"After my husband told me he wants to become a sub, I was in total shock. I was absolutely new to being a dominatrix and had no idea how that should work, but I wanted to fulfil my husbands dreams. Ian guided me through this wonderful new world and still does. My relationship to my partner is getting better and better and it is so exciting to have that journey with such an experienced coach at my side."

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