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Dreams, when shared, often lose their troubling aspect. This principle holds true for sexual desires and fantasies as well. In a professional and confidential capacity, I am equipped to guide you in harmonizing your sexuality with your life, aligning with your unique vision. Whether your aim is to deepen your self-awareness, explore novel experiences within your partnership, or simply engage in open dialogue about your personal aspirations and desires, my expertise prominently lies in BDSM, applicable across diverse life situations.

My services encompass a broad spectrum:

Consultation on All Facets of Sexuality, Eroticism, and Partnership:

This service offers comprehensive advice on various aspects of sexual well-being and relationship dynamics.


Analysis of Kink Wishes, Dreams, and Fantasies: A focused exploration to understand and interpret your specific kink-oriented desires, helping you gain clarity and insight.

Couples Counselling, Intensive Coaching, and Technique Support in BDSM:

Tailored counselling and coaching sessions for couples, including detailed guidance on BDSM techniques, fostering a deeper understanding and practice in your relationship.

BDSM Coaching and Counselling for LGBTQ+ Individuals:

Specialized support and advice for members of the LGBTQ+ community, addressing the unique intersection of BDSM preferences and sexual identity.

Support for Kink Professionals:

Dedicated assistance for professionals in the kink realm, offering insights, strategies, and support tailored to their specific needs and challenges.


My commitment is to provide a safe, open, and non-judgmental space where your most personal thoughts and desires can be explored and integrated into your life, leading to a more fulfilling and authentic existence.

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